TROPICS Availability

This is a dashboard for viewing TROPICS data availability. It shows the availability of data by product name for the chosen month. From this it can be inferred if there are problems with the processing chain. Some of the ancillary data is shown as well because that can impact processing. If a day is not 100% there is often a difference in percenage from L0b to L1a. This is when data is converted into orbit sized granules so if a day is not 100% it will likely have a lower percentage for everything after L0b. You can click a square for a product and day to get brought to a api query that presents a download script for the files of that day.

Any combination of versions can be selected on the same chart and submit needs to be clicked to load any changes.

To report issues or request a feature contact kevin.hrpcek@ssec.wisc.edu.